Boston: History, Fish, and Fun

2010 June 11
by Joshua Zimmerman

What fun Boston is. So much to do and see. I’d bore you with details, but instead, I’ll just show you via the power of pictures and video.

New England (Boston) Aquarium

bostonaquarium1.jpg bostonaquarium2.jpg

bostonaquarium3.jpg bostonaquarium4.jpg

USS Constitution (not as cool as it should be because they were working on it…)

walkingboston01.jpg walkingboston02.jpg

walkingboston03.jpg walkingboston04.jpg

walkingboston05.jpg walkingboston07.jpg

Just walking around Boston…

walkingboston08.jpg walkingboston09.jpg

walkingboston10.jpg walkingboston11.jpg

And a whole lot of video from the Boston Aquarium. Mostly because fish look so much cooler when they’re moving than when they’re standing still.

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  1. Asylbek Mukhanov permalink
    October 29, 2012

    Hi Josh,

    I read some of your blogs on Japan. They’re great, keep up the good work. I find myself in an interesting situation and wanted to ask for your help. I couldnt find the form to fill in at the contact page.

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    Nobody speaks english around here and I’m trying to find ways to keep myself entertained until the 4th. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

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