Mystic Aquarium

2010 June 6
by Joshua Zimmerman


The Mystic Aquarium is located in Mystic, Connecticut. It does in fact have no mystical powers, unless you count the power of learning. Judy and I traveled there so I could check out some fish and see the historic town of Mystic.

Like usual, I tried to get Judy involved with the sea life. She gave the passing rays a couple of pets. They were quite friendly.

mysticaquarium01.jpg mysticaquarium02.jpg

Then again, everyone loves clown fish. I wish I had this tank at home. The cats would probably spend all day watching them. I counted four species in the tank… can you find any more?

mysticaquarium03.jpg mysticaquarium04.jpg

Their sea horse tank was very cute as well. Those little guys.

mysticaquarium07.jpg mysticaquarium08.jpg

The aquarium had a nice collection of marine mammals, most of which were rescued. The sea lions were quite playful and nothing is more fun than watching them eat and play.

mysticaquarium09.jpg mysticaquarium10.jpg

We got a special treat right before closing, the feeding of the beluga whales! Its one part feeding, one part training, and one part whale play time. You should most certainly watch the last couple minutes the the video below. It’s very interesting. Plus the beluga whales are in fact the cutest of the whale species.

mysticaquarium11.jpg mysticaquarium12.jpg

Aaaannnnnnddddd a video to watch. Seriously, watch the last couple minutes.

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