Kyoto in Hanami

2010 April 3
by Joshua Zimmerman


A few moments in Kyoto. Full of cherry blossoms. A nice send off to five years in Japan.

Nishiki Market. Full of radishes.

kyoto-hanami01.jpg kyoto-hanami02.jpg

Fushimi Inari.

kyoto-hanami2-1.jpg kyoto-hanami2-2.jpg kyoto-hanami2-3.jpg kyoto-hanami2-4.jpg


kyoto-hanami2-5.jpg kyoto-hanami2-6.jpg

Cherry blossoms in full bloom.

kyoto-hanami2-8.jpg kyoto-hanami2-9.jpg  

Maiko and tea ceremony.

kyoto-hanami03.jpg kyoto-hanami04.jpg


kyoto-hanami05.jpg kyoto-hanami06.jpg kyoto-hanami07.jpg kyoto-hanami08.jpg

A few blossoms and Judy.

kyoto-hanami09.jpg kyoto-hanami10.jpg

Bye bye Japan.

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  1. Kevin Rooney permalink
    April 12, 2010

    Japan will always be a part of you. Kevin, 88′-90′ Yokosuka

  2. Bassey Udohaya permalink
    April 24, 2010

    Do you still play Jump Ultimate Stars? do you wanna game?

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