Studio Ghibli Museum

2010 March 23
by Joshua Zimmerman


Studio Ghibli is the Disney of Japan. Except that Studio Ghibli makes better animated films. Yes, a magical place in the suburbs of Tokyo for kids of all ages. Especially big ones with a love of cat buses.

I’d actually been to Studio Ghibli once before a couple of year back. Only we were turned away at the gate. Silly us, we hadn’t reserved tickets online before arriving at the gates. This time I came prepared.

The museum is tucked away in a park in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka. The entire place seems very organic, with no real “path” for you to follow. Just lots of different ways for you to wonder around on. The entire museum was designed to be an “exhibit” in itself, showing off the Ghibli ideas of imagination.

studioghibli02.jpg studioghibli03.jpg studioghibli06.jpg studioghibli08.jpg

On the roof of the museum is the robot guard from Laputa. Probably the most iconic part of the museum and a fixture of any set of photos taken at the museum. I want one that size in my yard. Though I guess I’ll have to settle using it as my new desktop wallpaper.

studioghibli04.jpg studioghibli05.jpg studioghiblitall1.jpg studioghiblitall2.jpg

I also really loved the stain glass windows around the Museum. Scenes from many different movies. Very classy. (I’d join the church of Totoro any day.)

studioghibli07.jpg studioghibli09.jpg studioghibli12.jpg studioghibli13.jpg

While I was there the new exhibit was from the movie Ponyo. Besides lots of cool production sketches and designs, they had a massive pile of nearly 200,000 pages that was the rough draft sketches for the movie. Now thats a lot of paper.

studioghibli10.jpg studioghibli11.jpg

So while Judy and I really enjoyed the Museum we also enjoyed watching all the little kids enjoy it around us. So darn cute!

studioghibli14.jpg studioghibli15.jpg

Now thats one big Totoro. One that I really want to hug!

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  1. Melodie permalink
    April 8, 2010

    I’d like to point out that Disney distributes the Ghibli films…

  2. April 8, 2010

    Yes yes yes. I know they distribute Ghibli films. But I still can’t forgive them for the horrible jobs they did in the early 90s with Ghibli. Reediting them so badly the story line was different, bad voice acting, horrible marketing. Boooooo.

    I’m just happy Pixar is in charge of all the English language stuff for Ghibli these days.

  3. April 13, 2010

    Great photos. I live on the other side of the park from the Ghibli Museum but for one reason or another have never got round to going. I always see that big robot thingy when I’m out for a run, though!

  4. May 21, 2010

    I love Studio Ghibli and I can’t believe I didn’t know this place existed!

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