Fujiyoshida Christmas Party

2009 December 17
by Joshua Zimmerman

Judy and I had the pleasure of taking part in the yearly Fujiyoshida Christmas Party and the local community center. The party is for small children and their families, and works to promote internationalism in the community. Quite a few children turned out, which was good, because I ended up being Santa. I do enjoy it way too much.

fujiyoshidaxmasparty1.jpg fujiyoshidaxmasparty2.jpg

Various games were set up around the room. Snacks and juice was served. Kids ran around and laughed. No matter how much planning you do, you can never plan for how 50 preschool kids will act.

fujiyoshidaxmasparty3.jpg fujiyoshidaxmasparty4.jpg

Surprisingly enough very few kids cried, and most everyone seemed to have a good time. I even made a Christmas card or two.

fujiyoshidaxmasparty5.jpg fujiyoshidaxmasparty6.jpg

I do make a good Santa.

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  1. December 18, 2009

    The party looked like a lot of fun for the children as well as the adults. Yes, you make a good Santa Claus. I see you had helpers, too, even a snowman. I think that’s the first snowman costume I have seen.

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