Lack of Overall Space

2007 February 28
by Joshua Zimmerman

I bought a couch today. Seeing as how I just signed on for another year in this country I figured that I might as well live here in comfort. I’ve really only got two rooms in my apartment, being my bedroom and my tatami room. The bedroom is home to my bed and desk, and thus where I spend the vast majority of my apartment time. My tatami room is mostly empty. Sure theres my TV, book shelf, and a small floor table. But I hate being in there. I hate sitting on the floor (how un-Japanese of me), and I only ever sit there when entertaining people. Which is why I decided to change things and put in a small couch. Which caused me to go to three stores tonight and eventually settling on a 20,000¥ second hand blue couch. The only problem is if the movers from the store can get it in… and if it takes over my entire tatami room. At least its rather comfortable.

The most popular DVD at my local video rental store is “Nihon Chinbots“, which translate out to “Sinking of Japan.” Which kind of sums up the entire film. Japan sinks. There you go. Now why can’t I ever find a copy to rent! I mean, I really only want to watch every major city in Japan get trashed, its not like I’ll understand what everyone is saying. Sigh… This video clip kind of sums things up.

The second annual “Lets Film Festival” is soon approaching. Last years event was a hit success, even though there were only three films shown. Hopefully this year people get their acts together and actually make some films. Word on the street is that this year will be an “international” event, with film projects from the far distant land of Canada. Time for me to break out the video camera and bad acting skills again. So much to look forward to.

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