Daily Josh Log

2007 February 27
by Joshua Zimmerman

A day in the life of Josh.

7:05: Wake up to phone alarm. Bring phone to bed. Hit snooze.
7:11: Alarm goes off again. Hit snooze.
7:18: Alarm goes off again. Hit snooze.
7:24: Alarm goes off again. Attempt to get out of bed.
7:30: Take shower.
7:50: Eat breakfast. Ignore egg shells in sink.
7:55: Read online news.
8:15: Finally get dressed.
8:20: Attempt to ride slightly broken bike to school.
8:51: Somehow get broken bike to school.
8:52: Boss calls me to find out why I’m late.
8:55: First period class.
9:20: Make small boy cry.
9:50: Read online Heros Wiki.
10:45: Stop reading Wiki, third period class.
11:15: Resist urge to throw chair at class.
11:45: Fourth period class.
12:45: Lunch. Two containers of yogurt. Mixed fruit.
1:35: Fifth period class.
2:45: Leave horrible school.
3:00: Bike badly broken, man at bike shop laughs at me.
3:15: Abandon bike at mall. Unable to find replacement big enough for me.
3:20: Take solace in chicken nuggets.
3:32: Walk back to city hall. Enjoy iPod mix.
4:00: Arrive at work, do my daily 5 minutes of paper work.
4:30: Leave work.
4:40: Buy 1,000¥ worth of cheese.
4:50: Pay way too much for tomato soup.
5:01: Take train home.
5:15: Read mail, news, watch some Star Trek TNG.
6:00: Skype Lesson. Enjoy weird tanks.
6:30: Watch a lot of movie trailers.
7:04: Go to 日本語 Lesson.
7:06: 日本語をべんきょうしています。
8:15: Meet Kate.
8:30: Enjoy Japanese take on Italian food.
9:55: Buy desert at Fresta, and some Orange juice.
10:05: Annoyed at having Kate see my dirty apartment.
10:06: Clean quickly.
10:07: Eat desert.
10:25: Kate leaves.
10:30: Watch Battlestar. Mmmmm….
11:00: Upload photos, annoy former room mates.
11:30: Tell all my friends to post comments on photoblog. DO IT.
11:40: Start downloading Heroes.
11:45: Decide to do this blog entry.
12:00: Still writing this. Curse you all.

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  1. Mom permalink
    February 27, 2007

    Maybe you should take a few minutes each day to clean up your apartment to met “Mom approved standards”. That way girls who visit won’t be gross out! Nothing turns a girl off more then a dirty toilet. MOM

  2. Josh Whitver permalink
    February 27, 2007

    Ha ha! You got chided on your blog by your mom! ;)

  3. Alex permalink
    March 4, 2007

    hilarious schedule!!!!!

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