The Art of Productivity by Tea

2007 February 21
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by Joshua Zimmerman

I’ve found that it takes two cups of tea to get me up to peak efficiency in productiveness. Then if I add one cup of tea every one and a half to two hours and I stay at that level of productiveness. Seriously. Thats how I was able to upload and completely redo all the photos in my photoblog. If you’ll go and look (please do) you’ll see a much better layout and less photos, but better ones. Seriously. Go and comment on them. They’re funnnnn. I promise. I also changed the Photos link on my sidebar, as my father has notified me that some people had been going to my old photo page (now completely deleted) and complained that I hadn’t updated my photos since early last year.

I completely forgot about this Yuki Matsuri picture I took. One section of snow sculptures were gifts from around the world. Sculptures done by foreign relation committees representing many different countries. I guess the Canadian team must have not noticed that their sculpture looked rather bad when viewed from most angles. You be the judge of it. Seriously. What were they thinking?


I watched the new Ghost Rider movie. It wasn’t bad. Nor was it good. It was just…. good in a somewhat bad way. It was kind of fun to watch, though I was kind of wishing that Nic Cage would actually light himself on fire at some point. Oh well. The best part though was Sam Elliott, who I want to narrate my life. Really. His mellow cowboy voice is just what I need. Though it always invokes images of The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

My friend Dale has made an interesting webpage called VetoMatic which any Wisconsin resident should read. It regards the Governors special veto power and the odd power that it gives him. At least the webpage is funny about it all.

I love my Macintosh. No doubt. And I love women. Macenstein has done something that several of my friends have tried, and failed, to do in the past. Geek overload.

One of the major problems facing most JETs is the proper motivation to learn Japanese. Most people’s level of learning bottoms out after 6 months, and after learning just the necessary amount to order food and beer. There may be hope for us yet in the form of a Learning Japanese RPG. Get your nerd on.

A fun filled little piece of Japan. Oh the things you can buy for 200¥ at your grocery store.

So many toys, so little time.

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