I Don’t Want No Hadaka

2007 February 18
by Joshua Zimmerman

While many people I know are heading out to view the Naked Man Festival today, I am staying home. A combination of tiredness, rain, and a lack of urge to see a lot of Japanese ass has caused me to hanker down with a hot cup of tea and work on several projects that keep getting put off. Very off. Such as my long neglected photoblog. Poor poor photoblog. So unloved. I’m working on removing a lot of China pictures, as I seem to have overdone it with the amount thats there, and put up a whole host of others that I have sitting around.

I recently found out that the graphic novel The Watchmen is being made into a movie. Just because I sat around the other evening and read the entire thing, something that took me 8 hours to do the first time. I love the novel and really hope the movie stays true to the characters and storyline. Unlike other Alan Moore comic books have done in the past. (Must I name the three examples of badness that have happened!)

Something that will clearly excite all the otaku out there, it seems Apple has added a whole lot of anime to its iTunes lineup. Though to be honest its so darn easy to download them from fansub sites, and a whole lot more timely. But you know. This way is legal.

I found out that a Domokun fan forum has been linking to a Domokun video I did a while back. The site is in Spanish, but I find the whole thing rather funny. Wait till they see the Domokun around the world pictures I’m going to be putting up.

Japan seems to be up to its same old whaling practices again. Why can’t you just be nice and let the whales live? I mean, your own people don’t like eating it anyways!

This flash game is sooooo addictive….

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  1. Natalie permalink
    February 19, 2007

    But I like eating whale ;-p
    Did you see about the one whaling ship that got into trouble and refused help from the Green Peace ship. One Japanese whaler even died

  2. Tjomo permalink
    February 20, 2007

    The site you refer to is in Italian, not Spanish.

  3. Joshua permalink
    February 20, 2007

    And now you see why I did so poorly in high school Spanish. Language is the bane of my life.

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