When Things Start Getting Real

2004 February 12
by Joshua Zimmerman

So yesterday during lunch, Ben and I had an interesting discussion about Zombies. This discussion was prompted by a preview we had seen earlier in the day for the movie remake of the 1972 movie Dawn of the Dead. A wonderful film, which is a sequel to Night of the Living Dead, in which several people hole up an abandoned super-mall to fend off a hoard of zombies. But what really defines a zombie in todays world? After 45 minutes of discussion on the subject Ben and I came to the following conclusion about what makes up a “modern” zombie: Mindless undead creatures that are uncoordinated and hunger for human flesh (or brains) and make more of themselves by spreading a virus (or zombie ‘venom’) when they bite people.
It was snowing again today. Its been snowing every day this week. Just a small amount of perfect, movie quality snow flake that you can catch on your mittens and look at, while pondering if you’ll ever find two that are remotely alike. Its quite the stark contrast to the non-snowy, but bitterly cold weather of China. That and the fact that I keep slipping on patches of snowy ice as I walk to class. This winter wonderland needs some action, fast.
So my History Seminar class is super fun! Its three hours of “what is history” and such, with an amazing teacher. Greg Kaster is the current History Department head, and he has a knack for swearing in class, waving his hands around, and being silly. We watched a video where 4 well known historians battled it out for supremacy. It was more interesting then watching WWF or American Gladiators, I seriously thought that they’d start fighting right there on TV! Actually it gave me a great idea for a new TV show on the History Channel!
The True Story…
This is the true story of seven historians from different fields, picked to live in a house to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World, History Channel!
No, I think this could work. We just need to find the top people in their fields, and in different areas of history, and have them live together! They won’t agree on anything at all! It’ll be so cool! I’d watch it.
I went o the Chinese new years festivities on campus tonight. I was a little bummed because I couldn’t light the incense that I was lighting for buddha because of stupid campus fire policies. Damn you campus, damn you to hell! It was fun, and the food was free. Then again, Angie (who is half Chinese half Japanese) once again lectured Zach and I about the promiscuity of Japanese college girls. So, knowing that, I wish you the best of Nate Haleen, in your quest for Japanese love.
So far only 4 people have put their photos from out Chinese trip on our file server, which saddens me. This only means that I’ll have to crack the whip on those people I know who took photos! All you photos are belong to me! Ha ha ha! Seriously though, I need to start sorting through them for the DVD I wish to make about the trip. Sigh… yet another project for me to do. I guess thats why we have weekends.
Anyhow, that was my day of random thoughts and whatnot. Enjoy the cold weather and snow before global warming gets it.

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